Sunday, December 19, 2010

12 Dresses till Christmas--dress 8 and matching overalls!

I really LOVED Daisy Kingdom patterns, fabrics and pre-printed overalls, dresses and other great projects that came from the company!  I can't even begin to remember all of the projects I've completed over the years that had some Daisy Kingdom connection!

I was able to go to the store in Portland, Oregon before it closed down--good thing we were driving a van because all of my purchases wouldn't have fit in the car!

And I am ashamed to admit, that trip was 6 years ago and I still haven't cleared the additions to my stash...thankfully I have more little girls to sew for!

I think it was 9 years ago that I first spotted a pre-printed DKoverall pattern--I fell in love with the snowmen and bought 6 panels!  I made every child I knew snowman overalls for Christmas that year, including my own!

They have been passed down ever since...sadly I think the overalls will only be worn one more season...little MissyT fits into them perfectly!

First off, here's the dress:

And here are my favorite overalls!  They have now been handed down to the 4th child, and if she doesn't destroy them I will keep them around for future generations!

Aren't the buttons adorable!

I made so many of these for friends over the years--I really wish I had taken more pictures now!  I have a few different versions, which I'll be sharing in a post after Christmas!

Tomorrow, dress 9!  Click back to older posts to see dresses 1 through 8!

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pattie said...

That is totally DARLING! I have 3 granddaughters that would look very cute in these!

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