Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunny Days & Big Bags!

The weather has been so nice out here that I haven't spent much time in my sewing room!
Which is sad...so many lovely unfinished project waiting to see the light of day.
I can report a "score" at Value Village recently: 5 leather jackets, 1 suede coat....99 cents each!
Like I said: SCORE!

I plan to make some purses out of all that leather...tote like bags for all the crud I lug around.  With summer here and four kiddos, I certainly lug allot!

So I've been playing with patterns. Debating whether to draft my own, or combine a bunch of my favorite.  I'm past the diaper bag stage, but still love the roominess and style of that type of bag.

These were the bags I lusted after when I was in the diaper bag stage.  The Mia Bossi line is a true diaper bag in disguise!
If you go here you can check out the features of these bags--it is so roomy!  They use to have a lovely green leather bag I would have liked to own...but the red leather (which is no longer on the site) was a bag of beauty!  If I could have justified the cost in my mind it would have been MINE!

Well I'm off to enjoy the sunshine!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lost quilt and missing motivation...

I posted about this quilt before.  It's the missing quilt, the lost quilt...the quilt I'm trying to get done! I made the mistake of quilting it with a preset stitch on my Brother 8500.  I should have just done it free motion.  Ah well.  I'm still working on it.
Here's what it looks like so far:

I'm trying to get it done and out of my sewing area!  But I'm not at all motivated. 
How do you all get motivated to get a project done?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

last round of teacher bags...

Here they are...the last of the teacher bags...

And the last of that fabric!  I am marching through my stash at a steady pace!

Next I'm going to try this pattern in a denim, with pockets on the outside and a zipper at the top.  I thought maybe to add an applique or embroidered pattern...still trying to figure out what.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I made cake pops again!

And really hated every minute of it!  I doubt I'll do round ones again...for some reason I just couldn't get them round!  The cupcake ones were easier to decorate too.

None the less, they were crowd pleasers!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pokéballs anyone?

I made some Pokéball charms for the birthday goodie bags this coming weekend.

I digitized the charms, then stitched them out.  Here they are in the hoop:

Cut them out:

Add some ribbon (green was handy!)

And you have a goodie bag treat for a DS playing party!

My kids thought the charms were cool and wanted to wear them right away! 

Next:  I'm trying bracelets! Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New toy and finding inspiration

I finally got my Simplicity Bias Tape Maker! I’ve been playing around with it and have to say I’m quite pleased with the results. I’ll be sure to post pictures soon.

My son’s birthday is coming up next week. I’m trying to figure out what to make a bunch of 8-10 year olds who will be coming to his Pokémon video game party. So I’m searching for ideas before I chain myself to my sewing machines tomorrow!

The past few days have been sunny out here in the pacific northwest and I’ve been taking advantage of them to garden…tomorrow it’s suppose to rain.

Hopefully I’ll find inspiration to finish my ongoing projects!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I must not stash. Multiply by 100.

There are days where I just have to shake my head and wonder at my sanity! As I finish off the teacher gifts, prepare myself for my son’s 8th birthday party and get ready to sew some fun summer girl clothes for my 3 girls, I find this.

Yes, you are seeing it right. The missing Raggedy skirt fabric. Not only do I find that piece of fabric in my stash, I find this as well:

Yes, another bodice panel WITH instructions on how to put the dress together!

Since this dress fits my youngest, I’ll be making another for the 4 year old. I swear I’m making it this week! I will not stash this fabric away again!

In other news I decided to order the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker. I’ll let you all know how well it works!