Friday, March 28, 2014

The Next Part of my Journey....

After years of digitizing my own designs...of talking about selling them...dreaming about opening my own little online shop, I've finally stated to take steps towards making my dream a reality!!

I've been digitizing for close to 12 years now.  I've read too many books to name, taken too many classes to sharpen my skill...and stitched out too many tests, toys and t-shirts to think about!  Some I've shared here on the blog, and others I've kept as closely guarded secrets.  
Now I'm about to find out if all the learning/practice/ideas can translate in this SAHM's little business dreams.  

Excited, nervous and scared out of my mind—just some of what I am feeling these days!

As I launch my digital downloads of patterns and machine embroidery on my GeorgiaBE etsy shop, I’m also starting to sell my creations.  I’ve mentioned my dolls before but have never really blogged about them.  Since I was in middle school I’ve been making dolls (before that if we count yarn dolls!), but it’s only been the last five years that I’ve REALLY been making dolls.  Most are from my own patterns, many have evolved over time to include machine embroidery…so Dolls and Doodles is born!  Currently I am only on Facebook (you will be redirected from, as I develop the site and the etsy store.
Since my brain surgery in 2009, I’ve been incredibly blessed by the people around me.  That event made me realize how many wonderful people the Lord has placed in my life.  They rallied around me while I recovered, they encouraged me when I shared my creations with them and they blessed me with honesty and support when I shared my business ideas with them. 

I’m still scared as I move forward, but knowing that there is a virtual hug and a real one out there for me makes all the difference in the world!

Thank you all for sticking by me (and my blog)—I hope you’ll enjoy the next part of my journey in life and in the cloud!