Wednesday, December 11, 2013

and even more aprons...

Is it feeling a bit like an apron blog over here? :)

I added a bit of a machine embroidery element to these aprons!  Both were housewarming/hostess gifts.

I love this urban threads design!

This apron was bought and I embroidered it with this Urban Threads design

If I haven't mentioned all the pregnant friends around me....don't worry I will!  I've sewn more baby gifts in the last year than I did when I was having my own kids!

I do love my friends who can joke about their pregnancies....

Didn't think up the saying myself, but I did digitize and stitch it!

Lesson learned from this latest jean apron:  be careful when embroidering over a seam!  I broke a few needles, but the end result was worth it!

Monday, December 9, 2013

More Jean Aprons....

Can you ever get enough of these?  I'm not sure I can. 

I can't help myself--whenever I want instant sewing gratification I make one!

Then I people started asking me to make them....

For our Church Nursery Workers

Love this pocket!  Had so much fun thinking it up!
Then there was a 4th of July hostess gift, a bit of a change for this one:

And when my youngest girlies has their last birthday party, I made some more!
Heart pocket for the Birthday girl, the middle is a "sibling" extra just made with ribbon straps and serged edges

I made 10 of these from old kid jeans--they were a hit!  At the last minute I got a call asking if a sibling could come, so I whipped up an "extra" using ribbon from my stash as straps.
And you'd think I'd be bored of these by now...think again...