Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jean Leg Aprons

The first time I heard about an apron made from a pair of jeans, it was from one of my playground mommies.  Aimee told me how she did it, and I promptly filed it in my "to do" mental sewing file...and then promptly forgot all about it (that's typical of me).

Then everywhere I looked I saw these types of aprons being featured!  Given how many tutorials are out there to make jean leg aprons, I won't attempt to write my own. :)

Instead let me share (and maybe inspire you to make one yourself)...

The first is my prototype:  ruffles all around...

Not too exciting...but I did learn a few things.
  1. those ruffles at the top don't stay up unless attached to the straps
  2. if you cut the legs off too close to the crotch, you may have some "wave" in the bottom of your apron no amount of ironing can fix.
The next one I didn't cut along a seam, instead I cut it right down the middle front of the leg.  This type of cut seems to give the apron a "curvier" shape.
It just seemed so plain so I ended up adding a heart pocket.
Then I got adventurous with the ruffles again:  top ruffle facing down (why didn't I think of that the first time around??)

A little jean rosette added to the next one:

    Can you all tell I was having fun with these??  So much that I made some more...

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Crochet Hooks said...

awesome!! Love this! I have a goal to reuse jeans 101 times - this style of apron is next on the list now!

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