Friday, November 22, 2013

Color your charms!

Whenever I come up with a new birthday craft idea I don't stop smiling for days!  Never mind the agony that goes into thinking up those ideas!

It's totally my fault I'm in the position of having "fabric" type crafts at parties. 

If I hadn't thrown some elaborately crafty birthday parties for my older kids, the younger would never have heard stories/seen pictures and I'd be free to skip a step...instead the planning starts months before.

I noticed all the elementary school kids seem to like backpack charms, that was what I went with for with the last girlie party.  They were a hit!

I sat at the computer for a while before I came up with the cupcake and owl designs, but once they were digitized my embroidery machine did the rest (with a few thread changes on my part). 

The girls at the party used fabric markers to decorate their charms.  The party happened in the last school year, but I still see these little charms decorating backpacks!

As an added bonus, I made extras for me to use as gift tags!

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