Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween wrap up....

Where did the time go???  I’ve been having so much fun with my mom’s extended visit that I lost track and never did get up the fun Halloween stuff…

Well, you did see the wicked witch stitch out.  It now graces my sewing area along side of my witch mascot and witchy duckie.

As for the costumes…
May I present to you the king and queen of hearts:

The dress was a ball to make…unfortunately by the time I was done I realized that I cut it way toooooo long.  I had already finished the hem in gold and had no desire to re-do, so it was an extra pair of high heels for me and it still hit the floor!

My younger girls were princesses…one whole made by mom costume and one half made by mom costume!  Aren’t the crowns great!  A tutorial is coming up this month!

My oldest decided last minute to be the queen of spades…I was in a good mood so I whipped this up for her:

And my male child?  He wanted to be Link from legend of Zelda video game fame.  I was not enthused.  Then he said he wanted to be a tree sprite.  Where that came from is beyond me!  In the end I just made a green hooded tunic,  he called himself Link and all were happy in Georgia land.

I made another wreath using the discarded mesh flowers come in:

And that wraps up the Halloween crafting for this year!