Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fuse bead fun

The other day started out grey and dreary, then kids and I pulled out the fuse beads. Fun!

Fuse beads are colorful (sometimes glow in the dark, sometimes glittery) beads that can be used for a number of different crafts. They can be used to make jewelry by stringing them together, or they can be arranged on peg boards to make fun and colorful designs that become permanent as the two year old will let them be when melted.

I’ve taken simple cross-stitch patterns in the past and turned them into fuse bead art, but this day was not about having a pre-thought plan. No it was about having fun!

And fun we had! Every few minutes I had a child calling their project done and ready to be fused! Some parchment paper and a hot iron and voila! Their project was ready to be shown off and played with (at least for the remainder of the day!).

The best part is my youngest, at 2, can now fill the smaller peg boards by herself.

She was very proud of her “star” and is still telling everyone she can do it “herself”!

(she also made the butterfly "all by herself!")