Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tiered Skirt…Georgia Style

I know there are many, many tutorials and patterns out here on the net for tiered skirts…and now there’s one more!

The cute little denim skirt I made for MissyT’s birthday was a great hit! I may add another tier as she grows. That’s a nice option with these types of skirts.

Another nice option is how gathered you want each tier—more gathers, more volume! For this version of the skirt I didn’t want to much volume, I was using denim and wanted the skirt to have enough movement without adding bulk.

My formula:

Waist+5 inches for tier 1

Tier 1+10 inches for tier 2

Tier 2+10 inches for tier 3

If I was sewing this skirt out of a lighter weight material I’d probably add 15 to 20 inches for each tier.

The width of each tier is as follows:

Tier 1—waist band—4 inches

Tier 2—5 inches’

Last Tier—10 inches (or double whatever the tier before it is)

Get out the rotary cutter and ruler and cut each strip. Then sew the sides of each strip together:

Notice the bottom strip? I hate hemming so I try to develop ways to avoid it whenever possible! That bottom tier is sewn together, folded in half, straight stitched on the bottom and then gathered at the top (I use a basting stitch then just pull threads) and attached to the next tier up.

Then you repeat, gather, attach until you get to the waist band. In my case I have some 1 inch elastic I was going to use, so I made the waist 4 inches, folded it over, pinned the skirt to it and attached:

Leave a hole to bring the elastic through, and then finish the waist.

Now you’ve got yourself a cute little skirt that any little girl will love!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Duckie Bib

With all the babies around me lately I thought I'd pull out some bib embroideries and make a few to have on hand.

This is an embroidery that was done completely in the hoop, but I can't see why it couldn't be done as an applique with a regular sewing machine!

I love the way it attaches...and the fact that I can make a bunch of different bibs that are interchangeable with the neck attachment piece!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday MissyT!

My Youngest turned 3! (I reminisce about her birth over this way).

She asked for a snowman cake:

I made her a skirt and matching dolly dress (tutorial for how I made the skirt coming later this week!)

And was thrilled with them both!

We spent some time fixing the hair of all the dolls in the house…

It was a tough job—check out the before on the big Barbie!

Next I’ll need to make some clothes for the big Barbie…the girls are playing with her a lot lately!

We had such a fun relaxing day....tomorrow we'll be back to our regularly scheduled program and I'll start thinking about MissyD's 5th birthday which is just around the corner!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Daisy Kingdom Overalls

As promised, here are the other Daisy Kingdom Overalls I made.  This was their last year being worn by my kids, and (while I'm not one to keep too many pieces for future generations) these will go into storage.

Out of all the holiday items I've made for my kids over the last 10 years, these remain my favorite.  All my girls and my boy wore I wish I had taken more pictures of each child in them!

Today I am working on getting my sewing/crafting space back into order!  I have a big project due on Monday--my littlest girl turns 3!  She loves doggies and I know I have some great fabric I bought years ago that would make an extra special outfit for her!  Be sure to check out Mondays post to see what I ended up creating! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wintery Reversible Pants

I made these cute reversible pants for my oldest (now 10).  They've survived my 4 kids and now they will have to find a home elsewhere--they are too short for child 4.

All I did was make two pairs of pants using the same pattern (which one I used is beyond me at this point) and sewed them together.  Easy! 

All my kids loved these pants...they thought it was so cool that they could reverse them!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Yes, I've been enjoying time with Mr.G and the kids...having everyone at home has thrown me off my schedule more than once over the past couple of weeks and hasn't given me much time to blog.  That's OK--I got to save up all kinds of post ideas for the coming weeks!

Last night we had an early "ring in the new year" for the kids with friends.  Aren't these party hats they made adorable!  My littlest have been wearing them all morning!

All week we've been moving furniture and doing those little around the house fix-ups that have been on the list all year long.  Today we plan on moving some more know how they say "start the new year as you mean to go", well I mean to have an organized house this year!

Yeah, right.  Now that I've put that out there I should throw open my arms and welcome the mess my house will be!

I thought I'd share some of the projects I really enjoyed this year.  Click the pictures to go to the posts.  I've had some hits and some misses (many more than I posted) in 2010 when it comes to my crafty side.  All in all it was a good year!  Blogging helped me keep track of my projects, for the most part I remembered to take pictures of everything I made...although I wasn't great at posting everything!

A couple of misses from 2010:
It did find a good home with a pregnant friend of mine...who should really put it on and take a picture! (hint!!)

Still hate this pattern...the bag really is too big, but I did a good job putting it together so maybe I should just give it away....someone out there may like it more than I do!

The hits....where to start!  I had so many projects I loved doing this year!

Monster Stuffies for a 2nd & 4th Birthday! 

Pain to make, but so much fun to eat!

My favorite embroidered T shirt of the year!

Sweater cupcakes!

I think I'm going to repeat this project soon!

The pre-school teachers loved these!

Poke charms and pops were a hit!

Dolly and me skirt

Fabric de-stashing at it's best!

More de-stashing plus a how to for the "Boo" dress.


My oldest learning to sew...I'll be featuring more of her creations this year!
The 12th dress before Christmas!! The other 11 were for my littlest girls....I wonder if I'll be able to get them out of the closet before Valentines day?

Happy New Year--may it bring good health, happiness and lots of creative goodness to us all!