Friday, October 22, 2010

Never again...(simplicity 2289)

I should know by now that any pattern which drapes over my chest makes me look larger than I already am.

Of course, every time I sew one up I tell myself I’ve learned my lesson….sigh…every time.

I’ve had some wonderful results from Patty Reed’s Simplicity patterns when sewing kids clothes, so when I saw this Tunic pattern (2289) I picked it up.

 I didn’t want to cut into my printed polar fleece, so I used this sweatshirt fabric instead.

The instruction, cut, sew process where all easy! I whipped it up in under an hour. Then I put it on.

EEK! Even my kids who usually don’t comment gave me a look: what are you wearing mom?

I didn’t take pictures of me in it, but as you can see from my dress form (which is padded in the same areas I am), the look is not flattering.

I think it would have been perfect on me when I was pregnant. It may even look great on someone with a flatter chest.

It won’t be going into my wardrobe, but it was a good exercise in my continuing quest to improve my sewing skills.


mama sarah said...

thanks for that! LOL, now i don't feel so bad ;)

GeorgiaBE said...

@mama sarah We all have these kinds of projects! Don't feel bad when you do to--just toss it in the donate pile and start a new one!

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