Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh me, oh myo! What did I buyo!

My mission was simple: find a color to go with the purple gymnastics suits I’m making for my younger girls. And if I find giraffe printed fabric along the way, pick that up too.

Yeah…that’s all…really…all that other fabric you see just fell into my cart and accidentally got cut. So of course I had to buy it (hehehe).

I’ve got some fun projects planned for that pink zebra print! My girlies are just going to be rockin’ in their new jackets!

I manage to pick up the fabric I need to finish the gymnastics suits…the colors didn’t come out quite right in the picture, but that’s hot pink, neon-ish green and baby blue.

Now all I have to do is feed my crew and I can get to sewing!

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