Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gymnastics suits

My littlest girls are going to gymnastics. So much fun and joy to be had on their lesson days!

But has anyone out there looked at the prices of gymnastics suits? Even ballet suits?

I don’t seem to recall them being that pricey 6 yrs ago when I bought outfits for my oldest! Too bad those don’t yet fit the littlest of my bunch!

Any who, I also bought a bunch of patterns to make my suits years ago, which needless to say never got done. The patterns have been sitting forgotten in my pattern stash boxes. So imagine how surprised I was to find this one when I recently took to organizing my patterns and pulling out what I wanted to work on this fall and winter!

The thing to remember with BURDA patterns is that there really isn’t a seam allowance. Generally, for me, this isn’t an issue since I tend to cut big.

Round one,  I didn’t cut big enough (or take into account the diaper: child when will you potty train already!)

Round two turned out better, but still a tad tight on the Miss. D.  When I make these again I'll go a size bigger for her.

I finally settled for the blue for trim…but I think I will have to run an elastic through it. The neck line just bags a bit too much without it.

I also think I’m going to do an applique on each suit….maybe an owl? Or bird silhouette?

What do you think?


Elizabeth said...

Nice job - I've been debating making leotards for my daughter (she's 11) for ballet. She's at that age where she grows on a daily basis and I can't keep up. Maybe I should go ahead and give it a go...

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

very fun! I was thinking about trying swimsuits next year too. Fun! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

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