Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I suck

I suck...I can't ditch this cough and I'm still not sleeping...and you know I get my relax time when I'm being creative, but the cloudy head means more mistakes, more frustration and no mellowing out as I put together anything!

Case in point:  this pattern:

It's a cute little jacket, but I didn't have much luck with the dress so I decided to make a test jacket out of some left over sweatshirt material:

UGGHH!!  Too big, too boxy, too out of proportion!!!  But my 5 yr old loves the fabric and got all kinds of excited about having a shirt to match the circle skirt I made for her out of the same material.

Sigh...so now I'm at a crossroads, wondering how to turn this mess into a sweatshirt she can wear at least once (without me being embarrassed that it came out of my sewing space!)

But the cough, the lack of sleep and the cloudy thinking is making me take a step back...maybe tomorrow I'll feel better about this project.  Today I just suck.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mommy Monday—they aren’t vegans!

“Pow, bang lalalala bang heeeheeeheee” This is what I hear coming from the playroom one rainy afternoon.

“Girls?  What are you doing?”

“Shooting pigs” calls the 5yr old

“Come over here” the tromping of little feet followed by the smiling faces of MissyD and MissyT

“What are you doing?” I ask again.

“Mommmmmmy, I told you we’re shooting pigs” imagine an exasperated 5 yr old and you get the picture of Missy D telling me this again.

“Don’t shoot things, it’s not nice”

“MOMMMMMMY, we’re just pretending”

“Still, shooting isn’t nice”

“I’m shooting with my Barbie legs” pipes in the 3 yr old with a huge smile on her face

“Let’s find another game to play.”

“But mommmmy, we shot lots of pigs”

“Why do you want to pretend to shoot pigs?”

“So we can have lots of ham!”

“And bacon. Bacons yummy” adds MissyT

I need an award for not bursting out laughing before sending them off to play again.  Ham and bacon—oh my, not raising any vegans in this house am I!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Birthday Gift Idea

I love to give craft baskets as birthday gifts!  I'm forever picking up this and that to have on hand...but my absolute favorite is fuse beads! Yes, I've posted about fuse bead fun before--they are definitely a go to craft  in my house!

I'm a nutty momma and buy these things in bulk:

The scary thing is I probably have three times the amount pictured!

Good thing I like to share the crazy!

The problem is I never know how to package these things up to give as gifts.  You can imagine how thrilled I was when I found these at the dollar store:

The perfect kind of container!  Fill them up, add some peg board (yeah, I buy these in bulk too!) and you have a lovely b-day gift:

I've been told that these were a big hit!  So glad to have introduced another family to the fuse bead craziness my kiddos and I enjoy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Machinery and the flu don't mix

Never use heavy machinery while suffering from the flu...I include my sewing and embroidery machines in that category.

I've been suffering for the past couple of weeks, and somewhere in my deluded state I thought it would be a good idea to embroider some t-shirts....

yeah right.

I left my embroidery machine on it's own, didn't stabilize the t-shirt correctly and didn't preshrink anything.

I blame this dang cold, not my laziness.

Good thing I stopped it before the rips became worse:

OOPS!  So I just embroidered the design on a  piece of  fabric to "patch" it:

And sewed it on to the t-shirt using the preset heart stitch on my machine

But as you can see...that preshrinking would have been a really good idea!  Now I've got a wrinkly t-shirt and all kinds of tugs around the "patch".  Ah well, the 3 yr old likes it anyway...

I'll try again once I'm feeling better...