Monday, February 7, 2011

Mommy Monday—they aren’t vegans!

“Pow, bang lalalala bang heeeheeeheee” This is what I hear coming from the playroom one rainy afternoon.

“Girls?  What are you doing?”

“Shooting pigs” calls the 5yr old

“Come over here” the tromping of little feet followed by the smiling faces of MissyD and MissyT

“What are you doing?” I ask again.

“Mommmmmmy, I told you we’re shooting pigs” imagine an exasperated 5 yr old and you get the picture of Missy D telling me this again.

“Don’t shoot things, it’s not nice”

“MOMMMMMMY, we’re just pretending”

“Still, shooting isn’t nice”

“I’m shooting with my Barbie legs” pipes in the 3 yr old with a huge smile on her face

“Let’s find another game to play.”

“But mommmmy, we shot lots of pigs”

“Why do you want to pretend to shoot pigs?”

“So we can have lots of ham!”

“And bacon. Bacons yummy” adds MissyT

I need an award for not bursting out laughing before sending them off to play again.  Ham and bacon—oh my, not raising any vegans in this house am I!


Lori said...

They sound like my kind of girls!!

aimeewrites said...

I do like resourceful girls.

Mmm..bacons are yummy.

Lisa said...


Willpower said...

I hear that all the time from my boys. Thats pretty funny from a girl. Loved the story share though.

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