Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cupcake pops

The sewing room did not get cleaned.

Now it only looks like an army of trolls stomped through it.

I did unearth a bunch of fun goodies I’ll be sharing with you all over the coming week! So my attempted clean-up was not in vain.

How about some creative food instead? I’ve been in awe of the creations Bakerella has whipped out of her kitchen! Check out the latest use for balloons!

You know that monster party? Well I made Bakerella’s cupcake pops…75 of them!

It was a process!  But they turned out so cute!

Will I make them again? Maybe.  Probably. Oh shoot, you bet I will!

Did you know she has a book now?

 The cover inspired me!  We had to have pink and purple,  it was a little girl party after all!

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