Friday, May 7, 2010

Princess PJs

Ah, yes. The princess fabric. You may be seeing a lot of it grace these pages, there are still 5 yards left. I’ve made kiddie pajamas, lounge pants, adult pajamas from this fabric. Most recently I came across a pattern with no markings of any kind on it. I have no clue from what I traced it, nor if I ever made it before but it looked like it needed some kind of stretchy knit so I pulled out the princess fabric.

First, let me say it really did look better in the mirror. I even thought the top may be cute in the chocolate brown knit I have calling to me from the shelf. After seeing these pictures, not so much.

It’s really comfortable and I can move any which way, that’s a plus. However, if you notice on the back shot, the back bunches. I can’t feel it when I wear the top, but pictures don’t lie!

As you can see, I’m a bigger gal. Some patterns just aren’t meant for my body…but I wonder if I can get away with these new asymmetrical tops that are popping up everywhere. I like this Kwik Sew 3790. Just not sure if it would work on me...

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