Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dora bag

I thought we’d do a little flash back today! Back in 2007 I posted this project to Craftster as part of a challenge. My youngest was 18 months, and I was pregnant with my 4th child when I made it. Three years later the tote was still being carted around by my kiddos! Unfortunately it didn’t survive the 3 millionth game of tug of war! But it had a good life! Below is a rehash of my original post:
Here's the game I started with:

I carefully peeled the game off of its cardboard backing, dipped into my stash of fabric for some lime green denim and some black bias tape and started sewing away!

To make the strap, I used my handy dandy packing tape, taped the cards together and bound the edges to give it a bit more strength.

Now what to do with the 3 character holders? Since I was missing 1, I decided to use them as standoffs for the bottom of the bag. I drilled a hole through each one and put them in a line in the middle of the bottom of the bag. Boy, was I surprised that they worked! They do keep the bag off the ground.

Then I had these leftover pieces… from the spinner I made a pouch, from the left over cards a little key ring book, and the characters I just put inside loosely.

And at the end, I added a “Backpack” button: all done! TADA!

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