Thursday, May 6, 2010

Raggedy Ann & Andy Dress--8 years to complete

Flash back to 2002: A friend and I are browsing through the fabric at Joann’s when we stumble across some adorable Raggedy Ann & Andy fabric. Now, I’m not a huge fane of the Raggedies but my friend is. She’s pregnant and about to have a little girl, so I pick some up and make an adorable dress. All of a sudden, everywhere I go I see Raggedy fabric! It’s grown on me! I buy lots and lots and lots.

Flash forward to 2004: My oldest daughter is in preschool, the Valentine’s day party is coming up. How cute would that Valentine Raggedy fabric I picked up in ’02 be made into a dress!

Flash forward to 2010: while re-orging my sewing room I find this:

It’s the Daisy Kingdom Raggedy Ann & Andy Valentine dress I started in 2004! Thankfully, I have two more girls now who would love to wear this!

I’m going to finish this…uh…what were the instructions again…uh…where’s the other skirt panel? (deep breath) Ok. I can do this, the ties will become the back of the bodice

Elastic inserted to make it fit better.

Let’s get rid of the lace and turn the heart into a large pocket on the front.

Skirt will only have the boarder print on the front, but that’s ok…

And it only took 8 years.

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Seamingly Smitten said...

That dress is AMAZING!!! Whether it took 8 years or not, you should be so proud of yourself! Please add this to my LINKY PARTY and show it off!

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