Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Covering up...

This sweat shirt has gone through two children, and survived. A few minor stains, but who cares?

The 4 yr old does. Go figure. So I opened my stash of hearts—a steal of a deal I got at a garage sale years ago:


 The woman who sold them was really into quilting. I got some great vintage craft patterns from her! She had two boxes of precut hearts and squares. I managed to pick them both up plus the patterns for a couple of bucks! Only thing is, I haven’t found much use for any of it! But in my quest to decrease my stash I’m trying.

I decided to pick a few hearts out and appliqué them onto the sweatshirt.

Hints (things I was too lazy to do this time around)

  • Use spray adhesive or a fusible bonding web to hold down the appliqué, unless you like it to bunch, move and give you a headache as you sew.
  • Test out your sewing machine stitch setting before starting or you may be stuck with a result you don’t care for.
The 4 yr old likes it enough to wear. Hopefully it gets passed down to her sister in decent shape. If not, the box of hearts will come out again.

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