Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Baby cupcakes

Is it any wonder that I beg friends and strangers for the wool sweaters they are ready to discard when you can make such cuties with them? 

I've made these before, bigger versions, and shared them in the post: Cupcakes anyone?  

Fun, easy and cute!  Don't sew? You can use glue!  As long as you can cut rectangles and circles out of felted wool sweaters (those would be wool sweaters you shrink) you're in business!
This little cutie was made of smaller scraps of felted wool with some added glass beads for sparkle...turned into a key chain for a fun addition to a cupcake bag I designed and made.
Just when I think I'm over the cupcake craze, my crazy brain thinks up another cupcake project to do!

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