Monday, November 18, 2013

CD weaving

After trying hula hoop weaving I went on a bit of a weaving binge.  Anything circular was fair game to attempt weaving on!

I think I've settled on my favorite--a notched CD. It's easy, portable and I love the rosette like flowers--perfect for accessorizing sewing projects or gifts!

I just used ordinary scissors to make the notches—make sure you make an uneven number!  I made 7 in total.

I used torn denim as my fabric...
Wrap fabric strips around the CD like you would on the hula hoop, but your last spoke will go through the middle hole and be tied off on the underside (the side you don't weave on). 
You're set to start weaving!
When your rosette is the size you want, turn the CD around and cut the denim spokes close to your knot, the knot will come through the middle and....'ll be left with a leggy looking spider flower (according to my kids)!  I wove those “legs” through the back and towards the middle using a large eyed needle.
I LOVE the way this experiment turned out!  Each woven circle is a unique flower!

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