Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Knowledge sticks

For a brief period of time (a lifetime ago) I was a math major.  That isn’t saying much considering that I was also a kinesiology, psychology, computer science, business, English, sociology, and economics major during my stint in university. 

At the end of year four I figured it was time to get on with my life, so I sat down counted how many credits I needed in each discipline, looked at what was offered that summer and graduated (to my parents relief!) with a degree in economics and sociology.

Considering I left high school with plans to pursue a journalism and teaching degree, the path didn’t lead me there.  I didn’t even put much of my university degree to work in my marketing career (way back in the time before cross country moves and kids)!

I’ve used all the knowledge I’ve gathered, bits and pieces,  throughout my 40 something years of life.  And I continue to surprise myself how many of the concepts I've retained from math/science I use in my craft/sewing projects!

My mom (who is awesome!) encouraged me in each and every discipline I studied.  She let me explore just about every interest I had growing up.  Sharing bits of her knowledge and experience along the way.  I’m now in her shoes: 

encouraging my kids in finding their passions, sharing bits of my knowledge and experience along the way.

Yes, my kids sometimes fall into the stereotypical roles of play commercials would have us believe, but at the end of the day their imaginations take over and new worlds of play open.  I encourage that.

So I am intrigued and impressed by Goldieblox toys—pairing a story with a building kit?  GENIUS! (yes in a sing songy voice!)

It’s a concept which would work great with boy or girl toys (currently they are marketing to girls).  Imaginations will take over, but at least the story gives kids a start, a place to begin exploring.  A seed to let their imaginations grow.

Don’t forget to vote to get their commercial aired during the big game, because who wouldn't want to see a group of 6 year old girls rush the end zone...in tutus.

(I'm not affiliated, don't own the product...yet...not being paid to share....but I think the idea is worth sharing with everyone.  It's also a reminder to my crafty crew out there who sometimes forgets how much math and science we use in every creation we make--those seeds stuck even if the definition of Pythagorean theorem didn't!)

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