Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I must not stash. Multiply by 100.

There are days where I just have to shake my head and wonder at my sanity! As I finish off the teacher gifts, prepare myself for my son’s 8th birthday party and get ready to sew some fun summer girl clothes for my 3 girls, I find this.

Yes, you are seeing it right. The missing Raggedy skirt fabric. Not only do I find that piece of fabric in my stash, I find this as well:

Yes, another bodice panel WITH instructions on how to put the dress together!

Since this dress fits my youngest, I’ll be making another for the 4 year old. I swear I’m making it this week! I will not stash this fabric away again!

In other news I decided to order the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker. I’ll let you all know how well it works!


Ai Matsuoka said...

I love making my own bias tape. I bought the simple bias tape maker not a machine looking one. It worked well. When I am in a mood to make them I make them bunch and keep them till I have use for them. :) I love to learn how to make girl's clothes can you teach me?

GeorgiaBE said...

@Ai Matsuoka
You know I can! :)

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