Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunny Days & Big Bags!

The weather has been so nice out here that I haven't spent much time in my sewing room!
Which is sad...so many lovely unfinished project waiting to see the light of day.
I can report a "score" at Value Village recently: 5 leather jackets, 1 suede coat....99 cents each!
Like I said: SCORE!

I plan to make some purses out of all that leather...tote like bags for all the crud I lug around.  With summer here and four kiddos, I certainly lug allot!

So I've been playing with patterns. Debating whether to draft my own, or combine a bunch of my favorite.  I'm past the diaper bag stage, but still love the roominess and style of that type of bag.

These were the bags I lusted after when I was in the diaper bag stage.  The Mia Bossi line is a true diaper bag in disguise!
If you go here you can check out the features of these bags--it is so roomy!  They use to have a lovely green leather bag I would have liked to own...but the red leather (which is no longer on the site) was a bag of beauty!  If I could have justified the cost in my mind it would have been MINE!

Well I'm off to enjoy the sunshine!

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