Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 dresses before Christmas….

Well I had good intentions to start this series of posts o the 12th of December, but life got in the way…

My idea is to showcase these simple dresses I have made or am making for my younger girls to wear this holiday season. My stash of winter and Christmas themed fabric is huge! And let’s face it my girlies love dresses!

Many of the dresses are in the same style as the Boo Dress I made for Halloween—easy to make, easy to wear!

December 12th:

This is a pre-printed bodice and pockets that I picked up at Walmart years ago.  I just paired it with some solid blue cotton--my girls love it!

December 13th:

I think this was a Daisy Kingdom pre-printed bodice and pocket with matching boarder fabric...It comes out right after Thanksgiving and is worn into February!  All my girls love the snowmen!

December 14th:

I found these cute country style angels and made this dress when a friend pointed out how cute the fabric was.  She was totally into these colors and style, so I will admit being influenced  a bit!  I wish I could remember the pattern I used!

Come back tomorrow for the next dress!

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