Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cozy fleecy pants….

Yes, spring is here and we should be thinking about lighter clothing, less layering and sunshine (I dream about the sunshine thing ALL the time out here in the Pacific North West)

Unfortunately, I’ve been running a fever/chills combo for the past 6 days and now I have an annoying hacky cough.

Will cold season ever end?

So I reached for my comfy cozy Chix Rule pants and remember that I didn’t share with you some of the other fleece pants I made earlier this year!

Disney bottoms: Mickey, Donald and the gang having a snowball fight & building snowmen—finally out of my stash after eight years!

I forgot about the bit of fairy fleece I had left over from a gift I made years ago…now it’s been put to good use as well!

I'll admit, my son got shafted in the fleecy pant department this year--but he's being a good sport about it and willing to wait until I'm feeling better...if you have an 8 year old boy, you can imagine the design ideas mine has come up with...and keeps coming up with...I need to get better before they become impossible to sew!


Mizzreviewlady said...

Very cute! Looks like it made a fun project:)

cookieandclaire said...

I'm Cookie not Claire (Real name is Becca) - But I should just get used to being called Claire's mommy! Have a good night!

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