Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Clothesline Bunny Dress

ahhh....the things I find in my stash have me once again saying: "glad I have more little girls to sew for!"

This is Daisy Kingdoms Clothesline bunny jumper panel--just cut and sew!  Bought 7 years ago to make for my oldest girl--didn't happen!  Somehow I ended up with 6 panels!  I guess I thought to make dresses for all the other little girls I knew at the time. Oh well, MissyD and MissyT are certainly enjoying the dresses now!


Mizzreviewlady said...

How adorable is that! You are very talented:)

I'm Jess said...

What a sweet Easter dress!

Lisa said...

Adorable!!! My 7 year old daughter asked me to make her one....I don't think she's come to grips that Mommy isn't crafty :-)

Dropping by from Friday Blog Hop and am now following you!

Have a great Easter!

cookingvarieties said...

hi georgia, this is so on my blogwalk and stumble uon. your. am glad i came,
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Susanmeep said...

I love this dress!

I am following you from the blog hop, you have a great site. Would you like to follow me back? Susan's Family
thank you :)

MiriamR said...


Are You A Mom said...

This dress is adorable...don't think my son would look too good in it though ;) maybe one day, if I have a daughter :)
Following from the hop, please stop by and say hi

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Those are the perfect Easter dresses! Just darling! Thanks for sharing these on Fancy This Fridays!!! Can't wait to see what you link up next time!

Tamara said...

Just stopping by and following from the hop. I also wanted to invite you to link up with my Wordless Wednesday hop.

Wendy@Craft Goodies said...

So sweet! Thanks for linking to my party, hope to see you again this Friday!

Paige said...

Super cute! I'm looking forward to seeing all your great projects.


To Sew With Love said...

this is so cute! thanks for sharing!

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