Monday, November 1, 2010

Mommy Monday—the Halloween edition

October 1st, 2010:  I inform all my children that any part of their costume that needs to be made, needs to be submitted to the manufacture (me) by mid month.

Youngest children submit giraffe costume request right away.

Older children need to “think” about it.

October 9th: manufacturer buys giraffe printed fabric.

October 10th:  youngest child decides to raid the costume bin and be a princess for Halloween, second youngest  discovers a cowgirl costume  that is "perfect"!(She ends up wearing it everyday around the house and for trick or treating.)

Giraffe costumes never get made.

October 19th: manufacturer reminds oldest kids their costume orders have not yet been placed.  Youngest children still sticking to princess and cowgirl.

October 23rd: Oldest finds costume in costume bin and decides to be a vampire…or a witch—no need for manufacturer to produce anything.

October 29th (bed time): Boy child tells manufacture that he needs a costume, a Link (from the legends of Zelda video game) costume…and he needs a shield, and a sword and a tunic and a hat a pair of tights, a belt...

October 29th: manufactures shrieks can be heard throughout the house as she sends boy child to bed after reminding him that he’s had all month to put in an order and now it was too dang late (yes, manufacturer kept language clean, but inside she was swearing up a storm)

October 30th: boy child wakes up and tells mom he’s going to be Harry Potter again, wearing the robe manufacturer made last year.

November 1st: oldest child to manufacturer “Mom, I need some holiday type dresses.  Can you make me some?”

Younger  girl children “Me too! Me too!”

Manufacturer, reopening the dress making shop…

Well, at least someone learned to place orders early!

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Jami said...

That sounds about like my Halloween costume planning. Thanks goodness, I have a box filled with hand-me-downs! My little one had three different costumes. However, I was running around and paying overnight shipping for the others. *hangs head in shame* I'll try to do better next time! LOL
Thanks for linking up with me. ;)

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