Monday, November 22, 2010

winter wonderland...and ugly wreaths!

I woke up to this:

So I started getting out this:

and this:

Which turns out 1/2 the bulbs are burned out or not connected right...over a thousand wires on the tree and we have to check them all...

Then I got out these:

And thought, boy are they UGLY! 

I'm a bit obsessed over Cristie's wreath at It's Just My Imagination--it's just so beautiful!

I'll have to spruce up my two outdoor wreaths to the cloud to gather ideas! (yeah there's something about those Windows commercials that I like!)

Suggestions on what to do to spruce these up are, as always, very much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Here's the wreath Jason and I are gaga over right now:

GeorgiaBE said...

@aimeewritesOooooHHHH...I LIKE!

That one is now on my list to do too! :)

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