Monday, November 29, 2010

Mommy Monday--The questions...

I grow weary of the questions…even more so of the answers.

What am I talking about?

Those questions kids ask over and over and over. Only to get the same answer from me.

Like: When can we get a dog?

Answer: When the youngest child turns 5.

Or: Can we have a piece of our Halloween candy?

Answer: When you’re all done your supper.

I’ve been thinking of jazzing up my answers when all of a sudden Missy D, soon to be 5 yrs old comes up with this:

“When can I learn to milk a cow?”


“A cow mommy! I want to milk a cow?”

“Why do you want to milk a cow”

“To get milk” (I got the duh tone and expression--she's already heading to the teens here)

“But we can go to the store to get milk, you don’t have to milk a cow for it.”

“Mommmmm, milk comes from a cow. So we should milk a cow for our milk.”

Oldest female child gets in on conversation and adds “Well, we do grow our own vegetables….”

Exasperated look from me shot in her direction. She tries to hide her giggles.

“So mommy, can I milk a cow when I’m 5?”

“I don’t think so sweetie”


“How about when you are 22?”


Blissful silence for 3 second, then Missy D asks:

“Mom when can we get a dog?”

I bang my head on the table: “when the youngest child is 5…..”

I don’t know if I can give a more creative answer—they keeps me on my toes with their creative question! What comes after milking cows? And do I really want to find out?


Lesia Davis said...

LOL Isn't being a mommy the BEST!

Jennifer said...

Love the questions...sounds like our house! My 4 1/2 year old daughter asked me the other day if we could make a tractor. She wants to be a farmer. (BTW, we live in the middle of surburbia). Huh?

Hopping from Following Friday! Hope you can visit back!

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