Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blogger Blogging...comment threading

I've been having fun (and by fun I mean pulling out my hair!) trying to "fix" the commenting section of my blog.  For some reason only a select few comments were making it into my e-mail if I haven't replied to a comment, forgive me!  I'll do better now that I have fixed a few issues.

I've been hesitant to go to a third party comment module--but after the headache of the last week I've been researching them (only to get another headache!). 

I'd love it if Blogger would add comment threading...maybe everyone who blogs on this platform could ask for this (go here and submit your request) the genies behind Blogger would full fill our wish?

It's a thought.

In other news, my oldest is working on her second Market Place--the theme: Holiday!  It's been fun!  We'll even be posting a tutorial in the next day or so!

I love it that my kids enjoy being crafty (as in creative...they enjoy being sly too, but I don't love that so much!)


fatgirlwearingthin said...

Oh, the frustration of blog-failure....I know that one all too well. I've been trying to teach myself html through wordpress for my blog and it is maddening. I feel a little more stupid with every failed attempt! You'll get things figured out (hopefully they already are) so you can move on to more fun things to do with your time!

GeorgiaBE said...

@fatgirlwearingthinStill working on it...but very little! :) It'll just have to be good enough for now!

Life in Rehab said...

You can go into your blogger settings and actually have your comments sent to your email, which is what I do so I always know if someone has said something nice about even an older project, and then reply from there. Go to the page where you usually edit your posts and click on the Settings tab at the top. Underneath that, click on the Comments link. Scroll to the bottom of that page where it says Comment Notification Email, type in your email and save the settings.

By the way, your email came up in your comment on my blog as:


Mine was like that for a year, and I had no idea. Here's how to fix it:

I once made 40 personalized appliqued T-shirts for a 5th birthday- yeah, we're birds of a feather.

GeorgiaBE said...

@Life in Rehab Thanks! :)

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