Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunny weather slacker...

CRAP!  How is it Monday already???  How is it that I left goodie bags for Mr.A’s 9th b-day party till the last minute again???  At least he’s asked for an easy party—Pokémon themed again this year.
No I will not be making these again:
I will be making these again:

But instead of making a necklace, I think I’ll make each child a little draw string bag—large enough to hold their Pokémon cards—with the embroidered Poke balls hanging off the drawstring.

I will try the wristbands if I have time…right now I’m thinking each child coming is going to get a t-shirt.  Now I just have to work on whatever design is going on the t-shirt.
Oh--did I mention I have 20 (something) kids coming by?  Insane—that’s me. 

Or will be me if I put off the task of getting together the materials I need another minute…It must be the sunny weather turning me into a slacker. (It’s Seattle—we don’t see the sun that often!)  I haven't even started the 6 end of year teacher gifts for the elementary school teachers! Although I have pulled out the fabric.
I'll have to ignore the sunshine and warm my sewing chair for the next couple of it wrong to want rain again?  Just for a bit?  Sun can come back on Friday and stay the weekend.

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Pams Party Planning said...

I had a Pokemon theme for my son's 8th birthday a few years ago.. =) I did not know about cake pops then.. LOL!

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