Sunday, June 5, 2011

Doodle wristlet

The doodle experiment #1 is done! (check out how it started here and here)

After making the teacher wristlets I realized I really needed more pockets on the inside…I debated adding a zippered pocket, but in the end just went the simplest route.

I really enjoyed the process…although next time I think I’ll add some color or sparkle or something.  For now, simple is good and this little wristlet turned out great!

(Just entered this in the Purse Week Contest!  So excited!  My first bloggy contest!)


Ashley said...

this is so cool!!! you did a great job! simple is perfect, but sparkle is always fun a fan of both

crafty said...

Seriously cute!
Who doesn't love a little SPARKLE though? said...

I love this! The design you put on it is lovely!

KAT said...

love it

Tammy said...

This is really pretty. A nice summer wristlet. Good job!

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