Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Doodle to fabric

I didn't think I would have a chance to play with doodling on fabric until the weekend!  Then a friend of mine called and asked if I could use some larger fabric scraps.


I am the depository for unused fabric with all my friends.  From my house unused scraps go to a church quilting group, and to preschool and elementary teachers for art use.

It all gets used by someone!

So I get the bundle:


Right away I'm seeing a summer tote out of the yellow and white check, a wristlet out of the flower print on the top (it's a heavy fabric) and all that white in the middle--doodle fabric!

With the help of my light box, I managed to get the basic shape from yesterdays doodle.  The fabric is thick and medium heavy--like lighter denim.  I'm planning a wristlet from it...and maybe it'll go into my etsy shop?  That's my next big endeavor.  I'm a bit nervous about the whole process, so for the next little while I'll just concentrate on having fun creating...and finishing the next round of teacher bags!  Six elementary teachers are on my list this year--what will I do when all four of my kids are in school?? 


Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

So very cool! I wish I had better drawing skills. Thanks for sharing

PuppyFly Boutique said...

I love that doodle. I think I need to become a teacher at your children's school! Anna

Spearmint Decor said...

ha, i wish i had friends that gave me fabric scraps!! that sounds awesome.

found you via the blog hop, you can follow me @

To Sew With Love said...

So lucky of you to have friends like them! I wouldn't mind some scraps either ^^) thanks for linking up!

Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

wow, what good fortune to inherit great fabric scraps!! and your doodle is wonderful!! what kind of pen did you use???

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