Sunday, May 8, 2011

What to do with....

What do I do with this?

From Embroidery Library: "This dramatic Native American shield features a bear to represent protection, an eagle for extra perception, a wolf to keep its own safe and an owl to grant wisdom."

It's an embroidery I did on my machine years of those extra large multiple hoop deals I made more for practice than for an actual project.

How many years has it been sitting pinned to my bulletin board or stashed away--no idea.  I pulled it off the other day and spent a good amount of time staring at it trying to figure out what to do with it.

So far I have:
  • simple tote bag
  • messenger bag with this as the flap, or the back side
  • jacket back (which would probably require me sewing up a denim jacket...haven't seen many at the thrift stores lately)
I guess this is part of my process of stash busting.  I could just put it away again, but that kind of defeats the purpose--it's out and on my table waiting for inspiration to strike.

In other news, my sewing machine (the baby of my machines and my favorite) died on me last night.  I was just a bit pissed. I packed it up to go in to service on Monday and then spent some time making play lists for my sewing some new music and finally added it into my music lists.

While I like it, my kids think I play it too much...really?  too much?  Let's look at their choice of music:

Yeah, let's not complain too much kiddos!

(of course I shouldn't say anything about their music, who was the crazy woman parent who let it into the house to begin with!  yeah, another "blame myself" moment!)


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Anonymous said...

Don't knock taste of my kid and grandkids...hahha

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