Monday, May 9, 2011

Garden Markers

I start many of my plants from seed but never seem to remember what I planted where....and those white plastic garden markers a bit pricey for my taste.  So I searched around the house for something I could use.

Hmmm....that big Costco sized box of white plastic forks--perfect!

I've found pencil has more staying power than a sharpie on these things, and I only use them for those plants that don't have a permanent place in my garden. 

For those plant that are more permanent I have another solution....but that's another post!


The4Rs said...

So cute! Please share on my Reap What You Sew Sundays giveaway linky party!

Chocolate Drool and Kisses said...

What a good idea, and those are things I have laying around the house! Thanks for linking up last week.

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