Thursday, May 26, 2011

Social Media???

I’ve been encouraged and convinced to give Facebook a try and I can honestly say I’m really not good at the social media stuff.

I think I finally set up a page for this blog….I think that it works….I think the “like” button will take you to where I want.
Notice all the “I thinks”?

The truth is I’m finding my mind no longer wants to understand the technical aspects of the electronic/computer/cloud world.  Once upon a time I could learn code and apply it, now a mass of mush sits in that area of my brain.
I think my four kids sucked the good parts of my mind out of me.

Case in point:  the oldest is teaching child #2 math—math I once came close to majoring in.
Child #2 is teaching child # 3 to read—wait?  Didn’t I do that for the older kids?

And Child #3 is teaching child #4 the alphabet….another part of my brain no longer in use.
Child #4 is the artist in the I know where my drawing skills went to!

And all 4 kids know more about social media than I do!
I’ll go back to maintaining that they all sucked the knowledge out of me so I would be dependent on them for every computer issue that arises when Mr. G isn’t at home.

CRAP—I’ve become my parents!  When did that happen????
OK.  I’m a bit slow with social media…but I can sew up a pretty wristlet, without screwing up the zipper and add a little rosette just because. 

Now I can only hope the preschool teachers like these little bags as much as I do! (better pictures coming up in tomorrow’s post)

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