Saturday, March 12, 2011

What to do when you're sick..the late Valentine's Day Wreath

Make a Valentine's Day Wreath!

Yeah, I'm just getting over cold one million and one!  As Soon as I started feeling better, I'd catch something with totally different symptom!


But my mind continued to be crafty...unfortunately my mind did not want to post and share...OK it may have been my achy body that didn't want to sit in front of a computer...who knows?  The important thing is I'm back...with a very late Valentines day project.

I made this wreath using floral mesh--you know those white stretchy mesh things flowers come in when delivered to the florist?  NO?  I didn't either until a friend of mine gave me a box full.  She figured I'd find a use for them someplace...and the florist's just throw them out.  First thing I thought was:  looks like a bath puff someone cut up!

Unfortunately, I took no pictures of the process!  But I'm getting more of the mesh, so you all can look forward to a tutorial sometime in the near future!
I uses some hearts I found at the Dollar Tree and ribbon I had lying around the house....
Here it is hanging outside:
Not a bad effort for someone who didn't sleep for 3 days before tackling this project!


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Very nice, glad you're feeling better, my family went through the same thing last month, one thing after another, if one kid wasn't sick the other way, if one kid was getting over something the other was catching something, we didn't leave our house much.

Anonymous said...

Cute Wreath! I can see it being useful for all sorts of holiday... switch out the hearts and add shamrocks and you are ready for St. Patty's day this week! (-;
Glad you are feeling better - is everybody else in your house still healthy?

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