Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bunny Freebie!

Here we go:  a freebie*:

I've been making the non-in-the-hoop version for a few years now--and yes, they are based off the silhouette of a popular chocolate bunny.  My favorite as a matter of fact....unfortunately due to allergies and autoimmune reaction I can't eat chocolate anymore.** :(

Last year I made them in the hoop for the first time (that is the embroidery machine did most of the work).  When I started stitching them this year again, I reached out to a fellow machine embroidery enthusiast at my church and said "let's make these for our Easter egg hunt!"  She was totally on board and we had a great time stitching stuffing these little cuties!

I love to create!  Making people smile with my creations is such a huge added bonus!

Hope this little cutie brings a smile to your face and your heart!

*free bunny does not contain my church logo!  Feel free to make your own, design it, own it and have fun! :)
**although I have found out I tolerate most of the Theo dark chocolates fairly well. :)

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