Friday, April 4, 2014

the bows....

I have been mad stitching bunny bows!  For a non-bow person it's been a strange twist.  For a non-bunny person (especially those that invade my garden every year) it's even stranger!

But how could I resist these cuties?

When my girls saw them, they fell in love.  One thing led to another and I started offering them up for sale on my other Facebook page (and soon to be web site), Dolls and Doodles.  Which is brings up another point:  they are not my design.  That in itself is strange because I don't think I've bought many embroidery files from indie designers.  Bobbin for Appliques has the most adorable bows for machine embroidery enthusiasts you have ever seen!!  The owner is a gem and sells on etsy as well as on her own site.  I have been totally impressed by the creativity behind her work.

Of course everyone in my household has been bow making with me--very sweet and not complaining at all about the little bits of felt everywhere!  I love my family and how supportive they have been as I try to get my business off the ground. 

But it will take a bit of time to train them that mommy can't drop certain projects to work on theirs.

So when my oldest asked for a Tardis bow, I first asked if there was one available.  I mean, I'm cleaning up 12 years worth of digitized designs do I really want to digitize one??  And have I mentioned bows are not my thing??

Oh, and she wants it for Thursday. (aaakkkk!!)

Between the work I HAVE to do, the doctors appointments I CAN NOT miss and the head cold that is still plaguing me (4 weeks and counting).....and no readily available design????

Yeah, I love my kiddos but I just can't do it all.  Still, I tell her to design one and I'll see what I can do.

She totally thought it out, and I'll admit I got a bit excited about trying to make it happen.

The same day I found out that Bobbin for Appliques Tardis bow was in the works, I stitched out these:

Now, I am not that girl who wants to take business away from others.  And I hate when people are inspired by someone/something and don't give credit.  That whole brain surgery thing I went through really mellowed me out and made me look at life in a whole new way.   So I have to give credit to Heather, the designer behind the bunny bow because if I had never seen and stitched her design out, my kiddo would never have thought to ask me for a Tardis bow.  All other things Dr. Who related, but not a bow.

And if there was a bow to purchase in time, this little project would have waited in line behind all the others.

The idea was that I would sell these (and I will be on dolls and doodles) as finished products, I didn't think for a moment to offer up the embroidery file for purchase! 

Then my inbox got flooded with requests.

So after a long talk with my daughter we decided to make the embroidery files available for purchase. BUT  the proceeds from the sales will go into her "art" fund.  This fund is for the art and computer classes she really wants to take over the summer.

In the end, she is one happy camper.  Ready to wear her big Tardis bow, show off her mom's work and claim designer status.

Me--I just hope the bows are well received and people have fun with them.  I'm still not a bow girl, but I'm enjoying the fun my kids are having with them.



dedou30 said...

You are a decent business woman. Most would grab the idea & claim as their own. I hope this brings you more business.

GeorgiaBE said...

Thank you--I really do believe that we small businesses should support each other. This was a one-off. I told my child where to send all other bow ideas! Cute yes--but still not my thing. :)

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