Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fast and Dirty Pinwheel fun!

I set my kids to making pinwheels.  Just giving them a craft to keep them occupied.  Since I couldn’t find my larger brads they had to make do with the small ones…which meant no attaching pin wheels to straws that day.
With 4 kiddos I can’t supervise each one at the same time, so we didn’t measure, didn’t use a template…quick and dirty was the name of this pinwheel making game.
Supplies:  scissors, paper, brads

The optional supply is the hole punch, you can easily punch brads threw the paper, but I have this ultra-tiny punch so I put it to use.

We used scrapbook paper (12x12) for the big pin wheels.  Gluing two pages wrong sides together gave our pin wheels a bit more character:

Here’s the quick and dirty:

Fold the paper on the diagonal both ways, cut along the diagonal to about a thumb length from the center point,

punch holes (or brads) thought the (same) corners of each “ triangle”,

feed the brads through each hole and through the center point, open the prongs....

TADA!  You have a pin wheel!

After making a few Missy M decided we needed to make some smaller ones.  For these I just cut the scrapbook paper into quarters and let them go at it.  Some of my “fancy” paper scissors came out and the kids made pinwheels with scalloped and zig-zaged edges. 

We gave each child who attended the “cake 1” get together a chocolate wrapped in scrapbook paper with a pin wheel on top.  I think they turned out cute!

I haven’t been doing much sewing lately, but I do have a number of projects in the works!  Right now I’m enjoying the sunshine in the Seattle area, but the next rainy day will find me back in my sewing room working on back to school fashions and a fabulous (I hope) new leather bag!


Sam said...

I would never have thought of doing this! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Taylor from the Hannah handmade team, I am just dropping in to say this is such a cute and creative idea! I love it! This week Hannah is doing something called creating smiles week where there will be tutorials and give aways so if you want to check it out! :) we are your newest followers, Come follow us back? :)!/pages/Hannah-Handmade/200408909971427

Carolyn said...

Love the "double-sided" look and matching colors. Lovely way to decorate a gift.

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