Sunday, September 11, 2011


And the living is eeeaaassyyy….

That my friend is what August was like for me!  The Seattle area had SUN!  WARMTH!   My kids (finally at the right age for longer car trips), hubby, mom and I enjoyed what the pacific northwest has to offer in terms of natural wonders and just plain ol’ silliness (like riding the ducks in Seattle—fun!)
The best part—I went down a couple of sizes in clothing!  WHOOHOO!  Now I get to plan new outfits to sew for ME!  I’ve had this pattern (Vogue 1061) sitting pinned to my bulletin board forever!  I love the back of the tunic but have some issues with the front…a slight re-design will be in order.

Blogging took a back seat to life, but now with kids back in school and life much more scheduled I’m back in gear to give you all some fun tutorials and share some of the projects I managed to accomplish these past few months.

One of the projects I worked on this summer resulted in my lawn being mowed all summer by one of the high school kids from church.  I did a bit of bartering, agreeing to sew him a tunic to wear to the medieval role playing club he belongs to in exchange for yard work.  I spent over six hours on the project—from drafting a pattern to putting it all together--and he agreed to work in my yard for my time plus half.  I thought it was a fair deal concidering what he could have paid someone to make it!  He was thrilled with the end result and I have to say it made me really happy to see him so pleased with my work!

The fabric is prequilted and he designed what he wanted on paper--I just put it all together. 

I think this was really all the sewing I did this summer--except for a few repairs and a few fabric related no sew crafts my sewing machines got a well deserved I only hope they don't start acting up on me when I put them to work once more!

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Great barganing!! That's pretty cool!


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