Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Egyptian Bag

If you read the previous post, you’ll know that I made two bags for our school auction.  The second bag was for the Egypt theme.  Here’s the auction description:

Take your own Egyptian filled tote, filled with Mummy and Ancient Egypt books and a Lego game along with you to the King Tut traveling exhibit at the Pacific Science Center with a $100 gift certificate (can be used for anything at the Pacific Science Center).

The bag:

This one stumped me, but once I started going through my embroidery design stash I found that Egyptian and just knew I would make a version of this bag without the front pockets.  I left the large back pocket because I’ve been finding that one so useful in my BG bag.

There was one oops…I ended up making the strap a bit too long.  I contemplated cutting it and making it shorter but then the more I stared at the problem I realized it wasn’t an “oops” after all.  The fabric allows for the easy knotting of the strap so that it can fit any body (when worn cross body or over the shoulder).  I like that idea and so I’ll be playing with knotted handles a bit more in future projects.

I hope whoever won this auction enjoys their tote!

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