Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dragon Bag

I’ve decided that this year will be the year I open my etsy store.  And that this will also be the year that I try very hard to make handmade gifts (to share my love of creating with friends and to inspire products for the store).  That being said, when information came home about the school auction I thought long and hard about what I could contribute.

With two different classrooms and two different themes my first thought was to make tote bags…then I had a bunch of other random thoughts about what I could make but in the end went with the first idea: bags.

The theme:  Year of the Dragon.  While the bag isn’t really “year of” it is one of my favorite dragon related embroideries:

The bag is a variation of this bag, just made with one large straight pocket on one side and a smaller pocket on the other.  The top can be folded over or folded inside if a smaller bag is desired.  It can be worn cross body or over the shoulder.

Here’s the auction description:

Denim dragon bag filled with a dragon T-shirt, 2 Chinese art prints, $50 gift card to Din Tai Fung in Bellevue, a red dragon puppet, red Chinese New Year envelopes filled with $12 in cash, chopsticks (x4) and holders (x2), How to Train Your Dragon DVD, My Father's Dragon book, The Great Race: Chinese Zodiac story, Puff the Magic Dragon book and CD, Dragons and Monsters pop-up, Magic Treehouse dragon book, Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke, and Fire Within by Chris D'Lacey. Happy New Year!

I hope the winner of this auction loves everything they've won, especially their new bag!

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