Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ribbons on the tree….

For years I’ve been searching for a tree topper.  The last few I just made a huge bow of gold ribbons and placed it on the top, running the same ribbon down the tree and through the branches.  This year, my mom brought me the Santa that graced the tops of the trees in my childhood.  It was a gift my father gave my mother while they were still dating…more than 40 years ago.
When she pulled it out and gave it to me I felt a rush of happiness….I now get to carry on a little tradition from my childhood with my family.

But it left me with nowhere to secure my ribbon.

Ahhh…a chance to craft.

I found a plastic lid small enough to fit over the tree top, but large enough to accommodate eight strands of ribbon (I used the lid off a can of chips) and cut out the middle. 

From the top of the tree to the bottom, plus about three feet is how  I measured and cut each ribbon—depending on how much ribbon you want to snake through your tree you could go even longer…and if you find it’s too long you can always trim it.  I used 8 strands, tying one end to the lid:

Notice I left a long tail after each knot, this was so I could tie the tails into bows--I added a bit of "filler ribbon" to cover the exposed plastic before I started the bows:

On the top of the tree it went:

I then snaked the ribbon through the branches...in the past I've done the ribbon first, then the ornaments, this year the order got reversed, but it all worked out:

I think Santa is happy with his new home:

Tree complete—CHECK! Onward to other holiday craftiness…or just craftiness in general!

For the Night Owl Crafting Crowd...and anyone else who may be interested!
1. Is all your Christmas shopping done? ALMOST!!!
2. Do you decorate for Christmas and if so when? Right after thanksgiving it starts...and keeps going until the 25th!
3. Do you bake during the Holiday season? Only if I have to!
4. What are your favorite smells of this time of year? Fresh cut pine and cedar
5. What are your favorite things to do during the Holiday Season? Anything with the family!



Renee said...

That's a great idea! I've always wondered how to go about getting that lovely streamer effect without having to tie the ribbon on the branches. This way I can wind it up at the end of the season and pack it away for next year. Thanks for sharing this!

Kelly said...

This is SO smart! I love when the ribbons on the tree are vertical! I'm definitely doing this to my tree next year! I found you through Take a Look Tuesday, and I'm following you now!


Krystyl said...

Come check out my blog for come Christmasy Crafts - Just posted this morning !
Love it! I found you VIA hop-along-friday
check me out at http://krystylco.blogspot.com/ if you get a chance, I'd LOVE another follower <3

Kim from Maiden D'Shade said...

That is super clever! I'm decorating for a party and we'll have 8 fake trees set up and I was trying to figure out a faster way to add ribbon and this ought to do it. Thank you so much!!

Legacy of Love said...

Great idea. I also love to drape ribbons on my tree but this is such a better idea. I'll try it next year. Merry Christmas!

Crochet Hooks said...

Brilliant! Love the Santa and great idea for the ribbon. I will be stealing your solution this year as I had a similar issue (with a star not Santa) last year. Thanks for sharing on Snickerdoodle Sunday!

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